Thursday, September 29, 2011

a tribute to my mother and to all the dedicated PAL employees

It’s finally over. After years of struggle, uncertainties and turmoil my mother together with the thousand others will be terminated from their jobs in an effort to save millions and reduce human resources for the company. This is a painful end I know most especially to my mother.  I grew up with Philippine Airlines, the company both my parents loved and devoted their whole life to, the one I see how ruthlessly and wholeheartedly the PALEA labor union has been fighting for. It breaks my heart to see how these dedicated, well experienced employees will soon be replaced by contractual amateurs. It will be a difficult start for them, but I have so much faith in what’s to come.  Philippine Airlines, Asia’s first Airline will never be the same again. To all the PAL employees, I salute you! 

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