Monday, November 1, 2010

Pasig River Cruise

Mabuhay and welcome to the Pasig Cruise!

Yes everyone, you heard me right it’s the Pasig River cruise. We embarked at the Escolta station around 5:15 pm on a rainy Thursday afternoon (that’s why the shots weren’t so clear because it was raining and couldn't go to the deck). I was surprised to see a lot of people taking this cruise as serious means of transportation (from China town/divisoria to Makati and Pasig). It can really be a good way to prevent traffic especially during the rush hour. I was surprised to hear that this cruise has been going on for more than two years now; it could be a possible tourist attraction for those who want to see Manila on a cruise like the Seine Cruise! Pasig River was on a better condition sans the smell. This tour is really worth a try!

Escolta (Manila) station to Guadalupe (Makati) took us about 55 minutes.  We passed by beautiful bridges, oil depots, The majestic Malacanang Palace (where taking photos was forbidden by the way) to the beautiful Makati and Ortigas skylines. We arrived at the Guadalupe Station almost past 6pm and the view from the river changed dramatically capturing all reflections in its waters. The rain stopped so I got the chance to view everything from the deck where I saw everything surrounding the Pasig River and the cool air touching my face.

refreshment stand while waiting outside the station
thanks to my sister who went with me :) 
Escolta Station. Post office in front

Bridge Art

oil depots we passed along
EDSA billboards
Under the Quezon Bridge

ending our trip with authentic Pinoy food. 

If you wanna try the cruise you can start from Plaza Mexico or the Escolta Station which is near the Jone’s bridge. If you just want to cruise around then you can get off at Guadalupe Station (the cruise has around 18 stops). Sorry but I lost the time schedules but there’s a ferry every 30 minutes starting 6 am. We only paid 40php for the trip!

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