Monday, October 25, 2010

Massage me the Ton Ton's way rates are so affordable
I love having massages once in a while. It relaxes me and releases all the negative energies I have. I am always eager to try new spa and massage parlors but there is something about Ton Ton's massage that keeps me coming back for more.

I first tried Ton Ton in Cebu at Fuente Osmena. At first I wasn't at ease because there were no private rooms and only curtains to separate you from the other clients. Privacy aside, what's more important to me in a massage is the tenderness, stretching and pressure points; luckily Ton tons have all that. Every time I get a massage from this place I always pray that it would take longer.Each step of the massage is better than the last, its just so good.

There are ticklish parts like when applying pressure on the thighs, and legs (they will ask you how you like it, and I like it hard baby!). But the head massage and the neck part is really stress busting! Can I say they just know where to hit you at the right spot/s! And what's great is that they will finish the massage with a little bit of stretching, one full swing that will make your bones crack to the left then to the right, perfect!

To top it all is the price. Only 250 PHP for an hour massage, well almost 300 if you are generous enough to give a tip or more!


Good news to Manila people because they have  branches in Las Pinas, BF homes Paranaque,Tagaytay and I heard one in Makati and Congressional as well. Ton ton's massage is really worth a try.

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