Monday, November 8, 2010

Manila one step at a time

Quiapo Church
Itinerary: Start at Quiapo church, walk around Hidalgo to  Carriedo then the Sta. Cruz church passing by the fountain. Go straight to Ongpin street and enjoy the chinese delights and the food to Binondo Church. Walk through Quentin Paredes and cross Jones' bridge and slowly walk your way to Magallanes Drive. Welcome to the gates of Intramuros (well not literally). hehe
Sta. Cruz Fountain

I have been doing Manila City tour for a couple of times for work before and I admit that I didn’t like memorizing the dates and information; I did it simply because I had to, because it was my job. Today during my Costa cruise ship city tour I felt something different like a sense of pride and certainty about telling the tourists about Manila, my Manila and how I saw it. Never had I felt the confidence to talk about its history, glory and most especially its people. This new vigor and enthusiasm of mine is thanks to the Manila walking and photo tour I did with Tumblr friends. It was actually a short notice since I just saw in my dashboard that there was this kind of meet up. I don’t know anyone but this was one opportunity that I didn’t want to miss since I have so longed to walk through old manila with my camera and some friends to share our experience (and even road shortcuts) and love for Manila. I was the oldest in the group, and man these kids really knew Manila so I had to learn history through them and the people we met along the way. I was overwhelmed with all the Filipino culture, I saw through passing by the streets and seeing the daily normal activities of the people. From the vendors in Quiapo, the fortune tellers (which I had tried), the people on the sidewalk, the children playing in Pasig river. Our interaction with these people was priceless. We were causing traffic in Jones bridge while playing and meddling with the kids (they  showed us the janitor fish they caught while swimming in the Pasig River), the kalesas passing by, the smile of the jeepney drivers wanting us to take their photos and the curious glances of people.

children playing in Ilog Pasig
they caught a fish!
Binondo church

welcome to china town
happy smiles
with bubbles!


Anonymous said...

Quiapo is somewhat the summary of Manila. Nice photographs!

pusakaldiaries said...

thank you! I agree to that! I was overwhelmed with everything Filipino all around me...

Anonymous said...

Filipinos have rich culture but I guess not everyone embraces that. There should be lots of blog like this to promote Philippines.