Friday, February 11, 2011


Everyday I feel more alone… The more I get closer to a person, the more I find reasons to hold back. I admit being scared of this closeness; the more memories we create together, the more it finds ways to links us back to the other person, more like being an emotional debt in which we’ll never know when we can really pay to free us from the ties that binds us in it. There are many things to fear when you let someone inside your life; it’s a conscious decision where you put yourself in your most valuable state and believe me it’s like suicide. I hate being vulnerable!!! I want to be back to feeling NOTHING…..expecting nothing, assuming nothing, not hoping for anything. 


pusakaldiaries said...

polietales from my tumblr blog replied this:
Feeling nothing means not being alive or human.It takes out the fun in life. The hurt&vulnerability will be all worth it, once ‘he’ arrives and becomes a part of your life. Vulnerability can also be seen in making friends, so what’s the difference?

and I just wanna say, is it all worth the pain??

Anonymous said...

Yes. Life requires us to invest emotions. We win people and lose them at some point. It's a gamble.