Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My thesis on Men

It started two years ago while I was busy completing my undergraduate thesis and at the same time battling with my heartaches and personal issues on men. Well it seems that men have been a constant topic in girl conversations,one day out of the blue I said, "what if I write a thesis on men?" I thought that would be interesting as me and my friends come girl or boy have always been debating on the nature of men, mainly on men and how they say they are in love; but in theory are they truly in love? Do they really know what love is, or is it just a mere word they justify in their own way?

After a series of mis-fortunate adventures with the opposite sex, I have decided to share what I believed I learned and understood from these beautiful and complex hideous creatures.

I don't know how to go with this topic, but I'll write as anything goes..

Disclaimer: Names will be not be mentioned. If you are wondering if all events are factual, may I suggest that the blogger/ author chooses to leave everything to your imagination. :P

happy reading and please feel free to comment or disagree on presented theories. That would really help! :)

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