Friday, March 16, 2012

I woke up this morning with a loud thumping on my head.  Pound and pound, the harder it goes. Bang, bang! It seems that there is no escape. Yes I am in constant stress, and I might admit to myself that is this challenge what I really want?

I think I passed my quarter life crisis. I am turning 26 this year, a painful realization that I am indeed old right now, so what do I really want?  What am I doing here? As I am in a constant struggle of convincing myself to be tied to something permanent, my other side starts to wander. Have I explored the world yet to decide to settle? I am not even halfway yet! 

Some of my friends are married and having babies. I think it must be the trend nowadays and I am no way seeing myself buying this for now. I think I’m starting this stress trend. Where yes I have enrolled myself in all the physical and meditation classes, looking for other classes like photography classes where I can have an outlet to another world.

I really admire those people who stay long in their jobs. Both my parent stayed in their field for more than twenty years. I think I have this 150 days of tenacity over a job. After some time I feel tied, stressed and weary, often asking myself “is this where I really want to be”?
I think this is all about me complaining. There is no use in complaining. I just want to let it out before.. before… AAARRRGGGHHH! The next headache comes.

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