Friday, October 8, 2010

It has been a year... My Cebu life (A reflection).

Sinulog 2009
When I want something I don’t stop till I get it. Two years ago I wanted freedom; freedom from the busy streets of Manila and freedom from the supervision of my parents.  I don’t think wanting something badly and working hard till you get it isn't bad at all, but wanting something out of impulsiveness is another story. If there was something I’ve learned from my series of decisions over the past few years that is to decrease these sudden spontaneous urges of mine into a well paced series of reflections and situation awareness and general planning. That was what I lacked, the patience and the maturity to face the reality since nothing was impossible for me as long as I have the will power together with the dream that goes along with it. I always tried to mask the real situation in my candy colored fantasies thinking every endeavor will be part of my so- called adventure story book.

But as they say, no regrets! My Visayas adventure was one of the greatest. I proved to myself that I could be independent; living in another province with no relatives or family at all was a big adjustment. I realized how hard it was to earn a living; by receiving the average daily wage and how to budget my money for food, lodging, week end gimmicks and travel. I was lucky to meet good friends along the way, who like me ventured away from their sheltered homes to be independent as well. I have this theory that you tend to get attracted or to be magnetized in the same crowd your mindset and values belong to. In my Cebu life I belonged to this “other” colorful crowd if I may say. I was exposed to the kind of set-up I could have never imagined possible before, and indeed life is full of infinite possibilities!

I sailed the Visayan seas (fast craft, Cockaliong, pumpboats) , rode infinite Ceres bus rides, ate Puso (hanging rice)  and the famous Lechon Cebu. I can never count the numerous fiestas and the pakals (thanksgiving) I’ve been to since all the memorable moments in a Visayan’s life is marked with a feast or thanksgiving: and take note, I hardly know these people who invited me. I have learned to drink beer with a group of 6 or more people in just one single glass! And those “tagay” moments that you can’t help but get drunk because your consummation of beer is monitored by everyone (everyone waits for their turn for the shot).

My list goes on and on till forever, so I wrote this entry just to say thank you and to show how much I appreciated all the people who have been part of my Cebu/ Bohol life. There might have been some that I’ve hurt along the way, some misunderstandings, and some unfinished business but I couldn’t be thankful enough for the love, the concern and the memories you have spent with me. Most of all I’m thankful for the friendship we’ve shared, the hidden treasure I found in the middle of my adventure story.

Now that I am back to my sheltered life I realized how I miss the independence that I once had. When you are in a far away land, nobody really knows you and you can do whatever you want. I think I had an excess of freedom and literally the “scars” remind me of the well lived reckless life I had. The big scar on my right leg is like a constant reminder of how crazy yet true to myself I was. I was burned and hurt but these misfortunate adventures made who I am right now. After being a bum for a few months now and just discovering the world little by little made me realize it’s time to get down to serious business.
I think I had enough time already to think and reflect on what I want to do with my life. Another chapter is officially over and now I can’t wait for the next chapter of my adventure story book to start (but this time I have waited patiently haha!).

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