Saturday, September 4, 2010

No, I'm a....lesbian.

It was good to see my good old Cebu roommates Ash and Debs last night (Happy Birthday Debs!). Seeing them brought back colorful memories from our Cebu life. It has been more than a year since we last saw each other and that’s why everybody was eager with updates and the two were curious about my previous Europe trip. In a casual way I told them, it was fun although I was almost harassed and raped by my roommate on my first day.

Because it was Mia’s first time in Europe, I was the ‘ignoramus” I admit. I didn’t know that mixed hostels existed and I was unfortunate enough to be sharing the room with just another guy. In Philippine culture that could never happen, it would be a scandal. I was shocked at first but I kept my cool pretending that oh it was normal.

I got the chance to know my Arabic roommate and it happened to be that he was also a tour guide in Egypt. We chatted about our jobs and he decided to accompany me to walk around the streets of Copenhagen at 1am, I told him I didn’t want to waste time and I wanted to see the beautiful city at night. Since he was there two weeks ago, I had an instant tour guide explaining to me the sights and tidbits of the Danish history; I also had an instant body guard and a photographer.

We went back to our room from our little adventure. I was so tired from my 17 – hour flight from Manila. I was overwhelmed of what I saw and was also exhausted from getting lost from the airport to finding my hostel, but of course happy and thrilled of my adventures yet to come! I was about to close my eyes when I heard Arab guy say, “Do you mind if we sleep together? This is a very perfect opportunity. It’s not what you think it is, it’s you and me in one bed and you just put your head on my shoulders and I’ll play with your hair to put you to sleep, isn’t that lovely?” Lovely twas not! I was horrified and thoughts keep rushing in my head, will I run, will I shout, is there a sharp object I could hit him with in case he attacks me? I was thinking, great! My first day in Europe and I will be RAPED!

I tried to keep my cool and cleared my throat; I decided I should be firm and say NO in a polite manner. “Mr. Arab guy, forgive me but I am really tired and exhausted right now, I can’t even move my eyelids, my mind is shutting down. Perhaps we can talk about this tomorrow when I gain my strength and I get back to normal, is that okay? I really want to sleep now, GOODNIGHT!!! The guy was still persistent! He said there were other girls before in the room with him but he did not entertain the idea of sleeping with them. “You look like an Arab woman, your eyes, you’re so sweet, and who would not want to sleep with you? Can you blame me for wanting even just to sleep beside you?” I really got scared, but I don’t know, I guess I was super tired as well that all I said to him was, GOODNIGHT MR. ARAB GUY! I closed my eyes in fear wishing the morning would come soon.

The morning did come soon! With hardly 3 hours of sleep I awoke when I heard the thumping of the floor and the sound of belly dancing music. It was 5:30 am and the sun was already up! I couldn’t sleep anymore since I just remembered about the incident last night. He bid me good morning and offered me a cup of coffee and some biscuits. I was analyzing him when he finally said that he wasn’t able to sleep because he was thinking of me the whole time. He was starting to make “the” moves and I was thinking on how to escape this monster! He sat near me and asked about the Philippine culture, slowly bringing the topic of love, relationship and then pre marital sex leading to ask me personal questions. My head started to overheat! The nerve of this guy! I told him stop asking me personal questions as I refused to answer his queries. What ticked me was when he approached me and got nearer and asked for a kiss. I wanted to show a disgusted face but I was scared that he might to something bad to me. I was asking all the angels and saints to help me, I wanted to cry, but I can’t show this devil that I am scared of him, NEVER!
My room @ the Hostel in Copenhagen

Then I got a brilliant idea!
In a casual confident manner I faced him smiling sheepishly and told him (well I can still remember clearly my words of victory) “you are an attractive man and honestly I see no reason not to sleep with you or even to kiss you! But I’m afraid it could never happen because.. because.. we both like the same thing.. we both like girls, I’m ashamed to say it because you might uhmm not understand but I am a lesbian. I am like this ever since time immemorial. I have a girlfriend for 8 years now, and I love her so much. I’m sorry if I can’t do what you want, but I’m like this, it could never happen and it will NEVER happen.”

I cannot forget the perplexed and somehow apologetic face of his after I said it. He was very sorry, and he was ashamed of what he has done. He told me that he also had a friend who was lesbian and he understood well my sentiments. He said that it just never occurred to him that I was like that. I told him that I don’t need to be like manly just to be one; one can be the sweetest and softest feminine girl and yet looks can be deceiving. I was smiling triumphantly at the back of my head, I did not know how I was able to think of that alibi, but it really did work well!

The guy turned out to be nice and friendly after my confession. He said in order to make up for what he did he would take me to a surprise, we could go to Sweden! The idea was cool, we became friends and he told me the things he knew since he was passionate about the Danish culture, I didn’t know that I could go to Malmo Sweden by train, so thanks to him I was able to add one more country to my Euro trip!

I found out that he was married and had children. It made me feel sad, how could he betray his wife for a stranger in a youth hostel? It was like he just got out of a cage and wanted to try out other girls. On our way back home I was wrong to think that he was really convinced I was a lesbian. He still asked me, “perhaps you can try it with a guy, you’ve never really tried it with a guy, I could be the first.” Blood rushed to my head, I really wanted to punch him, when will he give up when I thought I’ve made things clear! He went to the bathroom, and I hurriedly got my things and flew to the elevator making my way to the lobby, my heart and whole body palpitating. I felt relieved when I reached the ground floor. I still have 4 hours before my train, I wanted to rest but I can’t because I have this roommate from hell! Good thing the hostel got lockers so I stored my stuff and then walked my way to Tivoli Gardens. The amusement park with all the colors, lights, sounds and people made me forget about my unfortunate encounter. Now when I think about it, my lesbian excuse really did save my life!

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Kudos for you for thinking fast in a very tight situation although you could have handled the situation in a different manner still you being safe and out of harms way is a lot better than being sorry :D