Thursday, July 9, 2009

Being a French tour guide

I love this job! Well it’s not even a job because I enjoy what I’m doing. I get to travel, meet different people, improve my French, explore, talk for the whole day (which I’m not tired of doing) and so much more. It’s doing what I love while getting paid and tips are also a bonus! Wee!!I started French tour guiding at Travel People where I had 30 French tourists from the Costa Ship. I was so nervous I also saw Ecleh and Sir Baizas there (fellow UP EL graduates). We had a Manila and Corregidor tour.

Nosebleed ang lola niyo sa mga military terms! I was so lucky because super bait ng mga French na nakasama ko! I had a great time with them and they were so fascinated with my black eyes ( which was not reallt black but brown) wahehehe! It was so fulfilling! I was also invited to go to Baguio, Sagada and Banaue! I haven’t been there so I just interpreted while DJ did the guiding. HE was very cool and fun to be with, our driver Kuya Noni was the expert as well! I really had a great time with the Dreux Family. Suppeeer Lamig!!!!As in!! So 5 days nag nosebleed ang yours truly! Hehe! It was soo fun! Nagpunta kami sa Batad village where we saw the actual planting of rice, watched cultural shows etc. I got so close with the Frenchies that they even bought me a dictionary coz walang kwenta ang pocket dictionary ko. I can say I really got attached to the Dreux Family. They were so cool! We’ll travelled people. I realized that I was so lucky doing this job. Meeting them was indeed a blessing to me. And they even invited me to France! Kailangan ko na talaga mag tipid, this is my chance wahehehe!Aking masasabi: Tourismo Tourismo sagot sa kahirapan

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